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Corps member narrates how her friend was rejected at her PPA by a lady who turned around to ask her to become her old mother’s caregiver for N10k


A young Nigerian lady identified as Okorite Gillis, has made a case for the compulsory one year national service be scrapped.

Grillis stated this in a Facebook post while narrating how her friend, a serving corps member was rejected by her PPA and immediately offered a N10,000 job as a nanny by the woman who rejected her.

According to her, the corps member had taken her letter to the organization she was posted to, but the woman who was supposed to treat the letter rejected her and offered a job as her old mother’s caregiver.

Grillis in the Facebook post wondered why a graduate will be given a N10k offer to work as a caregiver.

“Toh. My eyes have seen something in the last one week. So after camp closed, we went to search for our PPAs. My friend’s PPA somewhere, had the woman reject her, then turn around to offer her 10k monthly if she could serve as her old mother’s nanny. A graduate? 4 frigging years. Nothing wey I never see for that place. Yasin, she’d be serving o but in her house, and as a nanny. Nysc should be scrapped!!!” She wrote.


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