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Comedian Lujesha, Wife of Actor Okele, Pulls Out All the Stops to Celebrate Daughter’s Milestone Birthday


In a heartwarming celebration, Lujesha, the well-known comedian and wife of Okele, took to Instagram to mark her daughter’s birthday. She posted a picture of her first-born and expressed her deep love and blessings for her.

Lujesha’s caption for the post conveyed her wishes for her daughter’s future. She prayed that her daughter would always be at the forefront of success and fulfillment in all aspects of life. She also asked for God’s favor to shine upon her as she celebrated this special day. Lujesha invoked divine protection, asking that the universe be kind to her daughter and that the Lord pave the way for her success in the coming year.

She further sought the Lord’s guidance, asking for a smooth journey ahead, with every obstacle removed and doors of greatness opened. Lujesha’s prayers extended to her daughter’s safety, as she called upon the protection of God’s angels, surrounding her with divine fortifications. She covered each moment of the upcoming year in the precious blood of Allah, ensuring her daughter’s safety from harm. She concluded her heartfelt message by showering her daughter with love and blessings, expressing the hope that she would enjoy a wonderful time in the presence of God.

Inshallah, meaning “God willing,” underscored her faith and hope for her daughter’s prosperous and safe journey ahead. Happy birthday to her sweetie pie, a beautiful expression of maternal love and blessings.



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