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One Reason Why Temmie Ovwasa Still Has YBNL Princess On Her Instagram Profile


Temmie Ovwasa popularly known as YBNL Princess is currently on the trend list after attacking her former boss, Olamide again. Recall, months ago, Temmie Ovwasa called out the popular musician, Olamide for not treating her properly when she was with the label.

According to Temmie Ovwasa, Olamide brought her from Ilorin in 2016 and didn’t give her enough platform to explode with her sonorous voice. The beautiful singer left Olamide’s label, YBNL to stand on her own. However, fans are concerned and often asked why she still uses the name YBNL Princess since she has left the record label?

One reason why Temmie Ovwasa still has the YBNL Princess on her Instagram profile;

According to the beautiful singer, in an interview with Lindaikejiblog, Temmie Ovwasa revealed that she has tried to change the name many times and has occasionally sent messages to the Instagram management but they don’t respond.

According to her, Instagram can take the verification badge and just give her back her name but they are not responding to her emails. Therefore, she is stuck with the name YBNL Princess because Instagram has dash her and that’s her name. Since Instagram refused to let her change the name and didn’t respond to her emails, then it’s not her fault that the beautiful singer kept the name on her Instagram profile.

Watch Video where she talked about it here.

Therefore, this is the reason why Temmie Ovwasa still has YBNL Princess on her Instagram profile even though she doesn’t want to be associated with the record label again.

What do you think about the beautiful singer inability to change her name from YBNL Princess?


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