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One Day You Will Meet Someone Who Will Change Your Life For Good


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You are lost. You are tired and confused. Heartbroken and alone…

You’ve been through so many hardships, my dear, that you no longer have hope. All that is left in that pretty, little heart of yours is disappointment, sorrow, and guilt. You know longer believe in tomorrow. You no longer believe that the future holds something truly precious and wonderful in store for you. You no longer believe in love.

Your heart has been tossed around like garbage for more than you could endure. You’ve loved more than your soul could take in. Every little piece of you that you decided to share with others has been taken away from you…

And who could blame you?

That’s the only thing that you’ve known and believed in ever since you were little.

Love has been the only moving force in your life. The only thing that has ever given you strength. The only thing that has really defined you as a person.

The only thing I want you to remember is that you, my love, are not flawed.

You are not stupid for loving people from the bottom of your heart. You are not naive for being vulnerable. It is not your fault that your heart loves truly. It’s not your fault that you are who you truly are. That you believe in the good in people.

This world is just too much for you.

And I know that you no longer feel like moving on. I know that it is exactly people’s indifference and cruelty that turned your heart into stone and took away your hopes and dreams… I know it all. I’ve seen it in your piercing gaze. In those pretty eyes of yours. I’ve seen it in those tears… You’ve had enough…

But you know what?  This isn’t the end.

One day, you will meet someone who will change your life.

They will walk into your life when you least expect them and make you realize that you are more than enough. It will be just like in the movies.

Your eyes will meet, your souls will collide and in that very moment, you will know that they are the person that you’ve been waiting to meet your entire life.

This person will answer all of your questions and quiet every doubt in your mind. They will give you everything that you ever needed. They will love you more than words can say. And they will prove to you that love does indeed exist. Believe it or not, this person will be everything that you ever looked for in a partner. And for the first time in your life, you’ll realize why it never worked out with anyone before. It will finally become clear to you that nothing before them can be called love.  

I can’t tell you how or when it will happen… All I can say is that it will.

So, please. Don’t despair. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t force things to happen.

Have faith and let life unravel itself to your perfect destiny.

One day you will meet someone the love of your life. Faith will cross your paths and your life will change forever.

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