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“My success is heavily influenced my wife family”- Afeez Owo speaks on his connection with Fumi and Mide Martins


Nollywood film director and producer Afeez Owo Abiodun reveals details about his relationship with Funmi Martins, the mother of his wife, Mide Martins, during an interview on Biola Bayo’s Talk with B program. Afeez shares the story of how he met Funmi Martins, lived closely with her, and became part of her family through marriage.

Afeez recounts his initial connection with Mide Martins, emphasizing moments when she sought guidance and advice upon returning to Nigeria. He details their living arrangements in a one-room apartment with Funmi Martins and two siblings before Mide’s arrival. Afeez expresses his significant influence on the family, noting that Mide often consulted him, and Funmi Martins sought his help in disciplining her.

The disclosure adds context to the strong bond between Afeez Owo and Mide Martins, highlighting their enduring relationship despite past allegations of infidelity. Mide Martins recently celebrated Afeez Owo’s birthday, expressing her indebtedness to love him forever. The couple’s resilience in the face of challenges has become a testament to their enduring marriage.



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