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Mohbad’s wife was a rapper but she quit for love – Rapper, Candy Bleakz


According to the Candy Bleakz, she and Wunmi were friends and they used to rap together, but after she fell in love with Mohbad, she left that career path.


The ‘Tikuku’ crooner also talked about her personal experiences in the Nigerian entertainment industry and how men have made several attempts to sleep with her.

CorrectNG reported earlier that Bleakz opened up about how she got sexual advances from much older men when she just started music.

The female emcee said she was about 17 years old at the time and men as old and even older than his father were trying to sleep with her.


Candy Bleakz admitted that it has not been easy in the industry, but understand what she wants, so she decided to stay committed to her craft and get what she wants through hardwork.

The rapper said since she had nothing sexual to offer influential men apart from her talent, it would require extra effort for her to become successful.

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