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Man reveals how armed NDLEA officers broke into his house to assault him at 3.30 am


A man has taken to his social media page to recount his ordeal in the arms of armed NDLEA officers broke into his house for a raid at 3.30 am.

Social media user, kunle adediran, took to his page to recount how the NDLEA officers who came armed and with face masks assaulted him after they tried breaking into his house while he was asleep and then went on to break into his neighbours house in Ekiti state.

Man reveals how armed NDLEA officers broke into his house at 3.30 am

He wrote;

NIGERIA, where are we?

At exactly 3:30 midnight today, along housing road, behind TOss filling station, Ado Ekiti, not long from now, I was in my apartment sleeping when I heard a rumble on my window, I have encounter this incident twice and when Unknown men came and tear my net but unable to get entrance, so I got a CUTLASS to protect myself, so when I sight the hand opening my window from outside, I picked my CUTLASS and went for the hand straight, then they were shouting outside, Open this door, we are NDLEA officers, you want to injure an NDLEA officer and so on… I was confused if they were thieves or NDLEA officers for real… As they did to me, they also did to my neighbours, so one of my female neighbours who was afraid went and open the main door, they came in and they were armed with guns, they entered my room and gave me several beating… I never kept quiet as they were doing all that and my voice was loud with “I am a JOURNALIST, I am A PRESS MAN” that was what made them stop and they were like, we are NDLEA… we are here to search, before I knew it, that were like 4 in my room and searching everywhere, they even requested for my phone but I never did since NDLEA is dealing with drugs, what is there problem with phones?

This guys were heavy and very big in stature, one was asking of my name and where I work, some covered their faces and some didn’t, they were with NDLEA jackets only for identification and putting on jean and t-shirts under, some round neck shirt.. I kept telling them they were invading my privacy and they were threatening with their ammunition, since I was the only one, I couple t handle them alone but I never kept quiet as they were beating me with cutlass and I wasn’t wearing anything except the joggers I wore after I went for their hand with the CUTLASS…

My female neighbours slept naked as they have said they opened their window and was pointing touch light at them, telling them to open the door, they never gave them chance to wear clothes, dinghy in front of them when they were looking at them…

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