Home NEWS Man panics over empty coffin with his photo dumped at his homestead

Man panics over empty coffin with his photo dumped at his homestead


On the morning of Thursday, March 9, residents spotted a wooden coffin measuring approximately 1. 5 metres and alerted Ondabu.

After inspections, the shocked resident found out that the coffin was empty. Strangely, on top of the coffin was Ondabu’s photo, which he had reportedly taken with his son during a graduation ceremony some years back.

According to the villagers, the son is pursuing a master’s degree. Shocked with development, Ondabu wondered what wrong he had done for him to be subjected to such an ugly and strange scene

“Let me ask you the people of Tabaka, have I ever wronged anyone here? Don’t I live with the rest of the community harmoniously?

Have I ever been caught stealing or doing some sorcery or witchcraft anywhere?

Then why should I be subjected to all these?” Ondabu asked as reported by Nation.

The local administration has launched investigations to unravel those who dumped the mysterious coffin. Nyamarambe acting sub-county Police Commander Thomas Parkolwa said it was wrong for people to subject Ondabu’s family to such psychological torture.

“Some things which happen are not ordinary and they are shocking even to the investigators. But be assured that when we find out those who left the coffin there, then we will take firm action against them for they have subjected the family through psychological torture,” said Parkolwa.

Dead Bodies found in 80-year-old man’s house in Osun

Police from the Osun state command found decomposing headless and decapitated bodies in Pa Abioye’s compound in Gbongan town, Ayedaade local government area of the state.

Pa Abioye was said to have worked in a bakery at Abeokuta before relocating to Gbogan. The shocking update was discovered on Monday, June 19, around 5pm after a resident of Idi-Ifa area of Gbongan town reported at Gbongan police station that there is a terrible odour from Pa Abioye’s compound.



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