Lesson To Learn As Gbenga Adeyinka Revealed Why He Don’t Show Off His Family On Social Media


    The 53-year-old actor disclosed in an interview, that he always celebrates his family on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days but he doesn’t bother to flaunt them regularly on social media for personal reasons. He made it known that his decision doesn’t mean it is wrong for people to show off their families on social media, and he does what is best for him.

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    A lot of people have questioned the comedian why he doesn’t bring his family to his event. However, he has finally revealed that the reasons are best known to him, and here is a lesson people can learn from this.

    Ordinarily, social media is one of the things people don’t cease to talk about nowadays. I am not against people bringing their personal life on social media, but, understandably, a lot of people view it differently most especially when celebrities hide their families from social media, and some may even start thinking negatively.

    Don’t think people are not living well and happy because they don’t show off their lifestyle on social media. Everyone has a life to live, people may find it more interesting and comfortable to celebrate their special days outside social media while some find it interesting.

    According to Adeyinka, people asked him severally why he don’t bring his wife to his event which he revealed as personal reasons. In other words, fans may think that the comedian and his wife aren’t on good terms, which is wrong. Life on social media is not always as real as some people think.

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