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“I’m not afraid of fight” – Yetunde Bakare fires back at Habibat Jinad


Nigerian actress Yetunde Bakare has fired back at her colleague, Habibat Jinad after she called out for backbiting her and ruining her reputation based on false rumors.

Timeofgist recalls Habibat Jinad accused Yetunde and some of her colleagues in the movie industry of badmouthing her and ruining her reputation.

The Yoruba actress pleaded with her to allow her to live for the sake of her son.

She said:

“Pls I just want to live for the sake of my son. I am passing this information for my colleagues in the industry. I hear rumours about me in the industry, allow me live for my son.

Consider my mental health. Yetunde Bakare what you did is too much, you have begged me but that thing keeps coming back.

Lots of people want to help me but when they ask about me, you say “no go area”, you spoil my name. Did I kill someone?”.

Reacting to it, Yetunde slammed Jinad for holding on to a misunderstanding that happened four years back.

She said:

“When I watch the video, I relaxed because I didn’t want to talk as I was angry. Habibat is talking about something that happened 4 years ago.

Something happened between us, someone told her that I said something and I called her and we spoke about it.

I am not afraid of fights and I don’t run away from it.

Out of respect for my son, for the people around me and for the fact that I really know you, I decided to be the bigger person.

I have bought goods from us and you have bought from me”.

Watch her speaks below:



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