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“I had to do community service because I did not attend church” – Student narrates her experience in private university


A TikTok user identified as @charrly.k has narrated one of his experiences while attending a private school.

In the video, he was seen in a field with dead leaves on the floor while he was holding a rake. He proceeded to sweep the field with a rake.

In between the video, some people who were suspected to be teachers, came and supervised what he was doing and left.

He swept all the dry leaves to a corner and left the heap of dried leaves after he was done.

He mentioned in his video that he was in a private school and had to do community service for not attending church.

In his words:

“You go to a private school and they give you community service for not going to church.”

Reacting to this post, oreszz wrote: “They thought they were giving you punishment. They didn’t know they were giving you content.”

karene._said: “omo you for just go church honestly .”

Itsupiki___okami added: “ I thought Ghana has problems but Nigeria’s own is top notch. which kind of universities are you guys attending in Nigeria ei.”

See the post below:

@charrly.k I was probably a farmer in my previous life 🥹 #fpyシ #privateschool #babcockuniversity ♬ Just Wanna Rock – Lil Uzi Vert



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