Having Your Mother Close To Watch Your Kids And Help You Is A Blessing


    Having Your Mother Close To Watch Your Kids And Help You Is A Blessing

    Having your mother around whenever you need a babysitter is truly a blessing. My friend who has two kids with ADHD says that since her mother moved close to her, she can now have a proper date with her husband. Before that, they only got one date per year because it was impossible to find a babysitter for the two hyped up boys.

    She is relieved to have her mother help her and watch on the kids while she goes out with her husband from time to time to rekindle their love and marriage who has started to lose its spark.

    And a grandmother not only helps you with your kids, but she can show up at your door with chicken and dumplings whenever you are too exhausted to make lunch. She will clean your fridge even though you said to not do it. She can help you in many ways because she is your mother and she cares for you. Just like her mother, your grandmother, helped her to raise you.

    Your mother shows up for your kids and her grandkids as well. She loves them, pampers them, and makes them better human beings. She supports them and always has delicious and warm meals prepared for them.

    So, here’s to them! May God bless them with good health and life. And as for us, we will always be there for them like there are for us. Because we love them and they love us.

    If you are blessed to have your mother show up for you when you need her, share this post and send her love. 



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