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Aunty Ramota Reveals The Beautiful Lady Taking Care Of Her, ‘omolara,’ With Appreciation Message


The woman responsible for caring for the petite actress Ramota Adetu, also known as Aunty Ramota, has been officially identified and introduced as Omolara. This disclosure was made on Aunty Ramota’s Instagram page.

In the post, netizens were urged to show appreciation to Omolara, recognizing her dedicated efforts in looking after Aunty Ramota. It was emphasized that taking care of Aunty Ramota has not been an easy task, and Omolara has faced insults and derogatory comments from some individuals. Nevertheless, she continues to do her best for Aunty Ramota.

The post further acknowledged Omolara’s mother, known as Mummy Jay, for her support in caring for Aunty Ramota.

The heartfelt message concluded by expressing gratitude to Omolara for her contributions, noting the remarkable transformation in Aunty Ramota’s appearance and emphasizing her beauty. The message ended with a blessing, “Omolara, we say thank you for everything, God will continue to bless you ❤️.”



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