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Atiku Reveal reasons on why Peter Obi left PDP and end up losing the election


PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar reveals the reason Peter Obi left his Party before the presidential primary election in 2022 and why the LP candidate lost the election.

Atiku made this known during a press conference in Abuja on Thursday regarding the February 25 Presidential election, that Obi left the PDP because he was apprehensive about the demands of the party’s governors and was in a hurry.

Reason Peter Obi Left PDP – Atiku

Atiku said,

“I think Peter [Obi] was in a rush. When the campaign started, and our PDP governors sat down and said they must produce the presidential and vice presidential candidates, the chief of staff among themselves, Peter, got scared and left.

“I didn’t get scared. I stood up against the governors. When we founded the PDP, some of them were perhaps in secondary schools or universities. So, why should I be afraid? So, I stood up and I fought them. They fought me and I fought them and I won the primary election.

“So, if he was there, nothing could’ve stopped him from becoming a running mate because I had the right to choose whoever I wanted as my running mate.”

Atiku on Why Peter Did Not Win the Election

“Yes, agreed that he took our votes from the South-east and the South-south and that of course would not make him a president. You all know that to win the presidential election in Nigeria, you need votes from everywhere,” he stated.

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Requirements to become president

Section 134 of the constitution stipulates the requirements a candidate must meet to be declared the winner of a presidential election.

The section states that:

“(1) A candidate for an election to the office of the President shall be deemed to have been duly elected, where, there being only two candidates for the election

“(a) he has the majority of votes cast at the election; and

“(b) he has not less than one-quarter of the votes cast at the election in each of at least two-thirds of all the States in the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.”



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