Artist Alleviates His Energy By Arranging Stones In Dazzling Patterns On The Beach


    stones patterns artist

    Jon Foreman is an artist who fell in love with land art while he was in college. He feels that this world of ours has so much to offer in regards to natural beauties and landscapes.

    He lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales, an area with a great and extensive coastline. The majority of Foreman’s work consists of finding stones and arranging them in a remarkable pattern that amazes visitors.

    “I create using many natural materials but stone has proven to be the material which I can manipulate best. Be it color, angle, shape, size, placement, spacing,” Foreman says.

    “Typically, I either start with a rough idea of what I’d like to do or no idea whatsoever! Then I collect what I can carry and start by placing stone by stone, steadily losing myself in the process and disconnecting from the stress of everyday life.”

    Moreover, he says that land art brings him more pleasure than painting or any other art per se because according to him, there are endless possibilities and endless environments where he can do his job. Plus, he says that this work keeps him healthy and mentally sane.

    Check his amazing work in the pictures below.



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