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After the crash of her friendship with her former Bestie Wumi Toriola, Seyi Edun Has Finally Move On To Form New Enviable Friendship With Bimbo Oshin And Lizzy Anjorin (VIDEO)


After the unfortunate crash of Seyi Edun friendship with her former Bestie Wumi Toriola, she has since moved on with other Yoruba Nollywood actresses. She has moved on with Liz Anjorin and Bimbo Oshin specifically.

Some weeks ago Wumi Toriola slamed her former Bestie Seyi Edun for not celebrating her offline on her birthday. The rumours about their friendship hitting the rocks first started during Seyi Edun’s birthday but none of them commented on it. However Wumi Toriola’s birthday celebration seems to have confirmed that the friends are not in good terms.
Wumi Toriola revealed that her new birthday resolution was that she would not harbor any kind of hurt or hatred in a name of acting matured. Wumi wrote, ”

So someone asked me what my NEW year Resolution is and i told the Person jokingly that,this new year,’I smell a rat,I fumigate”
I am that person who wont harbour hates,hurt,depression,or sadness in the name of acting ‘MATURED’
If we are cool,awww bless God, if there is a rift,i show my displease,i show my hurt and i don’t play the victim.
I try to settle it if need be and if need NOT be,i just watch ,don’t mistake my identity,I am fashioned for Real queens and kings,i am not some of your “MATURED”souls if Maturity is about playing the victim and always looking for sympathy,we all have what we go through in life,don’t hurt people off line and form maturity online…
This left lots of her followers guessing who she was referring to until a few asked later, when the mother of one shared another post on her Instagram page, this time it was a screenshot of her former best friend Seyi Edun and according to her she congratulated Seyi Edun offline on her birthday but she didn’t get anything like that for her own birthday.

The actress stated that having her friend calling her a beautiful soul on her social media page is rather an Irony. And she further shared a post that my new beginning has stop playing social media games let all the calls, messages and insult stop now. Some of us have a life away from social media. This is just one of our mine leave yours she said.
This was Seyi Edun’s message to Wumi Toriola, Happy birthday to a beautiful soul Wumi Toriola may your New year be blessed and filled with everlasting joy. Life will continue to fall on pleasant places for you, best wishes Anike.

Oluwaseyi Edun has since been forming a very good relationship with Liz Anjorin. And she even attended Liz Anjorin’s secret wedding. Liz Anjorin in return shared a video where she was praying for Seyi Edun and thanking her for always being there for her over the years.

Also in preparation for Bimbo Oshin birthday today Seyi Edun has released the video of herself and Bimbo Oshin on her social media platform and wishing Bimbo Oshin a massive partners in celebration of her birthday which is today.

Watch Video below;


Also a month ago Wunmi Toriola speak about her reconciliation with Toyin Abraham. Remember she had a rift with Toyin Abraham because of Seyi Edun and along the line they became very good friends.
Seyi Edun is a fast rising Yoruba Nollywood actress and movie producer. She features mainly in Yoruba movies. And has since grown to become a force to reckon with in Yoruba movie industry.



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