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9 Ways To Build Trust In Your Relationship


When it comes to relationship trust is very important. Without it, you can’t communicate openly, you can’t be honest with your partner. You can’t build a solid relationship without trust. Trust doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to build, and requires both people to be committed to building it. Here are some of the ways to create lasting trust in a relationship.

1. Create boundaries: Boundaries regarding sex, personal time and comfort defer from people to people. Making your partner clear on your partners at an early stage is important and goes a long way.

2. Be vulnerable: Most times it is required that you let your guard down; reveal your secrets that you’re scared of telling anyone. Speak of your past, your fears and show a part of you that you don’t want anyone to know. It shows you trust them and in return it makes them trust in return.

3. Listen without judging: Being able to speak openly and truthfully in a relationship is important. The more we are able to have discussions where we say how we really feel, the more we’ll trust each other because we feel listened to and not judged when we’re in a vulnerable place.

4. Never take each other for granted: To belittle each other is one great way to diminish trust and love. Making us feel less ourselves and looking at each with contempt and no love. Respect is demand in any sort of relationship, personal or not. The more intimate your relationship gets the more respect is demand. No matter, how close you guys are there should always be great respect for one another.

5. Be true with your words and back them with actions: It is human we try to adjust our expectations and feelings in reference to people’s behaviour. We learn to trust or based on previous experience that’s why it’s very important to keep to your words and promise even in tough situations Little by little, your partners get to trust you, your words and actions.

6. Build a great communication system: A poor communication system is one of the reasons why most relationship breaks down and fails. Be honest and straight about what you want, what and what not you’re committed too.

7. Be forgiving: We all make mistakes, and when we do, we should own up to them, and be forgiving when our partner makes the mistake. Holding grudges and bringing up the past will erode the trust in your relationship. Letting things go and starting fresh will help you move on and build trust based on love and truth.

8. Give the benefit of doubt: Learn to give your partner a benefit of doubt and see what they have to say to you. Giving them such means you coming halfway for them waiting for them to do theirs, showing that you trust them, it builds their trust for you.

9. Be willing to give and receive: This should be equal in a healthy, loving relationship, where no one feels like they are the one constantly giving, while their partner only takes. This balance will shift through the course of your relationship depending on what’s going on for both of you, but you’ll both be accepting of this because you trust each other enough to know that you aren’t being taken advantage of.



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