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5 Secrets for a Lasting Relationship


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Living a love that lasts a lifetime is the dream of many people, but few achieve it. Around the world, many marriages end in divorce. With so many failed relationships, it is natural to try to understand what is hidden behind couples who have been together for years and who understand each other perfectly.

The truth is that there is no magic formula capable of guaranteeing eternal love. However, what differentiates these lasting unions from the more ephemeral ones is that the former are truly committed to the relationship. They work for her and make a permanent effort so that everything works well. 

5 Secrets for a Lasting Relationship

1. Act as a team

Happier couples know how to maintain individuality, but always work as a team. Both know that together they are stronger and take advantage of each other’s strengths to achieve the goals they have in common. In this type of relationship there is no ego, there are no disputes and when they talk about their achievements, they do so in the plural, using “we” instead of “I”. 

2. Assess the positive points of each one

We all have our weak points. There is no perfect person and no perfect relationship. However, even in difficult times we must look further. We must recognize the qualities of the other and stop being so critical. It is important to always keep in mind what has made you choose to be with this person and focus on what is good. 

3. Do not argue over flimsy things 

Fighting over small issues only wears down the relationship and can create an irreversible emotional distance between the couple. Differences of opinion are bound to happen, but when you argue about everything, you often don’t focus on what really matters. Do you really want to start a fight over the toilet lid? Or do you prefer to reserve your energy for discussions that really make sense (finances, children, professional future, etc)? 

4. Build trust

Trust is the foundation of love and a lasting relationship. Being honest, knowing how to communicate and respecting each other’s spaces are essential ingredients for developing trust. Then, in a relationship of trust, the conversations are frank because there is no fear of sharing wishes, ideas and feelings. Listening is active and you can be authentic because the other person accepts you as you are. 

5. Do not neglect self-love

We cannot love the other if we do not love ourselves first. If you don’t love yourself, nothing will do it for you. A person with good self- esteem knows how to be in a relationship, but does not put aside their own interests and dreams. He is aware that his happiness should not depend on anyone. Then, you do not need to put a very high expectation on the partner because you know that you are with the other by choice and not to make up for your shortcomings.



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