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10 Compliments Your Man Wants To Hear From you


Remind him that you love his intellect and that you’ve never met anyone smarter. Don’t go too far and say “you’re smarter than Einstein,” but just remind him that his mind was one of the reasons you were attracted to him in the first place.

#1. You Believe In Him. It’s said that guys have big ego’s, and this may be true. But you certainly shouldn’t be afraid of massaging your partners ego if you send him a few compliments.

Men need to know they have the support and belief of their partner at all times. They need to hear that you believe in them so that they know they are doing something right.

You could tell him that you love how driven he is, or that you think he’s the best at what he does. Maybe you could tell him that he’ll win at whatever he puts his mind to, or that he’s talented and hard working.

Guys need constant reassurance, so give it to him.

#2. You Love His Sense Of Humour. Guts put a lot of effort into being funny. They want to be the funniest guy you’ve ever met, and they can actually be a little bit jealous if you meet someone who makes you laugh more than they do.

“So, I met this great guy at work today. He’s so funny. He literally had me rolling over the floor with laughter!” is a line that is not going to go down too well with him.

Instead, you should flatter him a little by telling him how funny he is and that you love his sense of humour. Guys sometimes think the best way to a woman’s heart is by making them laugh, and if they can’t make us laugh they might lose out.

#3. Compliment His Work. Most guys are proud of their careers. They know they have a duty to work, to pay taxes and to bring you both financial security and stability.

But it isn’t enough for them that they do some dreary, mundane 9-5 job that anyone can do. They want to make sure they’re doing a skilled job that only they can do so well and they want you to acknowledge this.

Throw some compliments about their job at them now and then. Tell them what they do is meaningful and that they’re the best at it.

#4. Tell Him He’s Smart. As well as losing out to a funnier guy, your partner is also worried that you might meet someone smarter than him. Looks obviously fade, so it’s important that your guy feels he is still able to impress you with his brains.

Remind him that you love his intellect and that you’ve never met anyone smarter. Don’t go too far and say “you’re smarter than Einstein,” but just remind him that his mind was one of the reasons you were attracted to him in the first place.

#5. Compliment His Fashion Style. Yes, women like to get dressed up for a date and they like their man to appreciate the effort they’ve put in. Usually, the girl does put in a lot more effort than the guy, but sometimes the guy works hard, too.

Whenever your man gets dressed up for a night out, compliment him on his attire. Make him feel good and let him know how stylish he is. This is important for him, because he needs to know that he’s looking good tonight.

#6. You Love Spending Time With Him. Sometimes, you can be really busy. Maybe you spend a lot of the day away from your man, due to work and friends. As such, it’s important that you remind your man that you really love spending time with him. You might not see him all the time, but he’s still your number 1 person.

#7. You Always Feel Safe Around Him. Guys enjoy feeling like the protector around their women. They like to keep us safe and sound and they like to know that they’re doing a good job.

Let your man know tonight that he keeps you safe. Tell him you always feel protected around him, and as though no harm will ever come to you.

These kinds of compliments really stick with men, and it lets them know that they’ve become someone their parents can be proud of.

#8. He’s Really Handy Around The House. Guys really don’t want to appear useless around the house. They want to be able to fix leaky faucets, change the oil on the car, or set up a new television. If they can’t do these sorts of things, it’s going to irritate the heck out of them and make them feel a little bit down.

Worse still is when they manage to complete a few jobs, but you tell them they haven’t done it very well. Yikes!

Just like guys like to keep you safe, they also like to maintain the house. Tell him he’s doing a grand job and that you love how handy he is.

#9. He Gives The Best Advice. Your man wants to be the first person you turn to whenever you need some advice on something. He doesn’t want you to turn to your mom, your dad, your best friend or your work colleague – he wants you to come to him.

Compliment him on his advice. Let him know that he always knows the right things to say and that you can always depend on him whenever you’ve got a problem.

#10. He’s Gorgeous. Lastly, you can’t fail with telling him how good looking he is. Although it might not seem like it, men are just as conscious of their looks as we are. Especially as he gets older and starts to put on some weight, he needs to hear that you still find him desirable, according to beauty and tips.

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