Yemi Alade’s epic reply to a troll who criticized her finger nails in new photoshoot (Screenshot)

Singer Yemi Alade just showed how she handles haters on her Instagram after a troll told her that her ‘finger nails shows she is older than her age’.

The singer who came online to post the photo below was attacked by a troll who got the reply of her life as Yemi Alade showed the young lady she was not the kind of person to be stepped on.

The troll took to the singer’s IG page to comment on the singer’s photo above saying;

” Your fingers shows you are damn old”

Yemi Alade then dropped the savage reply saying;

” Finger shaming? well, my fingers work very hard yo! they would make a very good role model for you.
The only old thing you can associate them with is Old money! Have a great life.

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