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20 Common Cancer Symptoms Almost Every Woman Ignores !

None of us should rely on the routine medical examinations and tests that can help as discover different diseases including cancer. It’s very important that we pay attention to any symptom that is unexplainable, odd or different.

Commonly Overlooked Signs

Chest Pain or Chronic Cough
Bad coughs as well as bronchitis can signify that you may have some type of cancer including lung tumors and leukemia. Many people who suffer from lung cancer report chest pain which is known to extend down the arm and up into the shoulders.

Shortness of Breath or Wheezing
One of the first symptoms of lung cancer is the inability to catch a breath.

Difficulty Swallowing
This is also one of the first few symptoms of lung cancer. It can be also related to throat or esophageal cancer.

20 Common Cancer Symptoms Almost Every Woman Ignores !
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