He always sees this man in front of his store. After he discovered the truth, it broke his heart!

Most of us often stay away from beggars because of the thought that they might hurt us. But then this video will show you that you are just blinded by the beliefs of this generation.
man sleeping in front of store
In this video, a business man kept on hurting a beggar who sleeps in front of his store every day.
Every time he sees him, it’s either he pour water to wake him up, hurt him or curse at him. Despite everything he did, the beggar still visits his store every morning. He’s not hurting the businessman!
But then one day, the businessman opened his store and was surprised to see that the beggar isn’t lying in front of his store.
The woman beside his store claims that the beggar won’t be coming back anymore. Out of curiosity, he then checked the footages on his CCTV.
It turns out that the beggar was always in front of his store day and night to keep the bad guys away from his store!
He broke down after seeing that the beggar died after he stopped some bad guys from rubbing the man’s store. He was stabbed, for protecting the store of the man who always hurt him!