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The Lazy Husband Quotes


A lazy husband is a pain in the neck. I mean this guy won’t do anything for the family. He’s at home all day watching movies while the woman is labouring under the sun to provide for the family and he must eat 3 times a day! He won’t even assist the woman with house chores!

Couch potato doesn’t help his wife, horizontal

These types of men give all manner of excuses for not exercising their bones. They tell you they have one business deal they are still processing and for 5 good years, nothing has come out of the business deal or he tells you he is a full time Pastor whose office is his sitting room and the television is his church members! He hates stretching his legs and you will never catch him helping his wife around the house, to him that is “unmanly.” May the Lord comfort wives in this situation, it is not fun marrying this type of man, I tell you.

If you are married to this type of man, you can help him out. He can change for good and your family will be happier for it.

You need to talk. You are not mother Theresa, you can’t carry the weight alone. Politely let him know the stress of carrying the family weight is telling on you and if he does nothing to assist, you may collapse -that is the truth, you may collapse. Lots of women die today from stress than anything else.

Ask him to help you around the house. If you do not ask, he may not know you need help. House chore is not a natural thing for men, you need to encourage them to do it.

Whenever he goes out to look for job and brings nothing home, do not complain, appreciate his efforts and encourage him to keep searching.

If he volunteers to assist you at home, do not expect 100% perfection. He may not do things the way you do it but the fact that he volunteered to help deserves an applause.

Avoid abusing, nagging and shouting at him, he will only prove more stubborn and do nothing.

Pray for him consistently.

Handle him with wisdom. Men Like this, need plenty of wisdom and motivation from their wives or else they will do nothing.

Ask God to help you.

Read good books on marriage that helps you solve your problem.

God bless.



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