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Sometimes Even The Strongest Women Get Tired Of Being So Strong


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She is an iron-willed, brave, independent and passionate woman who seems like she has everything figured out. The type of woman who proudly wears her glistening smile and goes about her day, like nothing ever happened.

She is the woman who instantly cheers you up with her beautiful smile. The woman who brightens up your day the second she enters the room and has an infinite amount of love for everything around her.

The woman who carries the entire baggage of this world on her shoulders.

Yet she looks like she hasn’t got a single care on her mind.  

She goes through life sliding through all sorts of problems. Heartaches. Failed, dysfunctional relationships. Disappointments. Mistakes.

People look at her and think she has it all. She’s got her life together. Because she’s strong and successful. Happy and cheerful. Always ready to help a friend out.

But little do they know, that’s exactly what she wants them to see.

Yes, her I-can-do-it attitude makes you think that she has a thick skin and an elastic heart, but that’s the side of her she wants to display.

She may seem unbreakable, but not a single person out there knows what it feels like inside her heart. As a matter of fact, no other human being could ever endure the pain she’s carrying inside.

People see her during the day, all dressed up with her lovely promising smile when she has the energy to pretend. But no one knows how she looks and feels at night when after a long day of struggling, she finally lays on her bed and the nightmares start to unravel.

She deals with all of it by herself.

She prefers to suffer in silence. Because she’s too afraid to show her flaws to the cruel, vile world. She’s too afraid to undress her soul naked and reveal it to others.

People describe her as the most cheerful girl. The brightest ray of sunshine. The vibrant one. The ultimate problem-solver. They all come to her begging for a piece of solid advice about their issues.

Because she’s always the one who knows what to do. She is the one who always has her sh*t together. 

So, she just nods and offers them advice about their first-world problems, even though the only thing she wants is to scream from the bottom of her lungs and tell them they don’t have a clue what real problems are.

But, she finds a way to stop her urges and just listen. Because after all, she is a good friend. After all, “none of my issues should be their concerns”, she thinks to herself.

So, the second she comes home, all of the insecurities, fears and inner demons come out to torture her. As much as she prefers to be left alone, she hates those melancholic, midnight hours. Because that’s when they come to attack her.

So, you see… even though her shining armor appears to be indestructible, her painful emotions and loud insecurities have control over her.

Her insecurities meddle with her confidence, her fears kill her last hopes for finding happiness and her demons make her feel worthless. Useless. A nobody.

But what she doesn’t realize is that she’s much stronger than she knows. She is powerful. And she’s brave as hell!

You know why?

Because she doesn’t give up!

She may be struggling, but every day she decides to move forward. In spite of the sorrow. In spite of the intense heartache.

After everything, she still finds a way to get herself up in the morning, dig up the last bit of hope and smile through the pain.

She’s strong because she manages to survive the cruelty of this world and still stand on her own feet.

And that requires a great deal of courage.

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