She is not your problem, winning your husband’s love is the problem. Stop putting the cart before the horse and sit down with your homework.

Your husband fell in love with her because she does things you have stopped doing to him.

She connects with him emotionally, understands him the way no human does, respects and adores him and passionately makes love to him while you are busy complaining, nagging, criticizing and condemning him to hell!

She is his solace and shelter from this life’s storm and pains. Each time you give him headache, he runs to her and she sooths him with comforting words that reminds him of the healing balm of Gilead.

When you deny him sex for weeks and months on end, she eagerly opens up to him and makes love to him with all her breathe. She wasn’t just lying there like a log of wood, no! She curls around him, passionately kisses him and goes crazy in bed: wild, hot, passionate and creative! Something you will never do in a million years!!!

Instead of threatening her and commanding her to leave your poor husband alone, why not do what she does and more, why not give your husband what she’s giving him? If you do not do that but hope to keep him faithful because of your wedding ring and a piece of paper from the court, you are deceiving yourself. If you pressurize his mistress too much, he may eventually abandon you and marry her, face reality now before it is too late.

Work on your marriage! You can make your husband stay glued to you forever! Stop complaining, stop nagging, stop abusing, stop criticizing, stop condemning and start loving like crazy! Love that guy like mad! Praise him silly, make him the king of your palace.

Learn how to make love! Read good books on passionate, creative love making! Learn to French-kiss, learn to romance, learn blow job, learn different sex positions, learn to give every part of his body pleasure -that’s your job as his wife.

Be there to sooth him when he is down, be the friend that ‘loveth’ at all times and don’t forget to pray for him daily, it is more powerful than spell casting.

Women who love their husbands with abandon don’t have any rival anywhere. You are his only focus, the apple of his eyes. Leave his mistress alone and start working on your marriage. When he is thoroughly satisfied at home, he will abandon his mistress for you. It is as simple as that. Shikenah!



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