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High School Mates to Lovers! Banke & Damilola’s Pre-wedding Shoot


Just in case you haven’t had your daily dose of cuteness, Banke and Damilola will help you out. Their pre-wedding shoot is all you need. The beautiful couple were once high school mates and then reconnected at a friend’s birthday party but didn’t say a word to each other. Though Damilola was definitely captured by her beauty (he even remembers what she wore and the colour of her lipstick), as a sharp guy, he made enquiries from his friend who happened to be Banke’s friend.

At that time Banke wasn’t ready for a relationship but she agreed to have a conversation with him. The first conversation was about 2 hours and now 5 years later, they are engaged! I mean, what a beautiful story.  Read all about it below and catch up with more love stories here on www.bellanaijaweddings.com.


How We Met
By the bride-to-be, Dami

I went to my friend Laoyin’s house party in Manchester back in 2013 and it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends and eat meat pies. I remember seeing Damilola standing by the door with a friend but I did not even think twice about him. I left the party and did not say a word to him. After a couple of days, my very good friend Yusuf calls me and was literally interrogating me about what I wore to a party in Manchester and what I was doing, etc.

He eventually told me that his friend (Damilola) was interested and asked if he could give him my number. I was extremely skeptical because even though he went to my high school, I didn’t really know the guy and to be honest I did not want a relationship at that time! After a pep talk from Yusuf, I finally agreed! Damilola wasted no time and called me the following day. He introduced himself as Damilola on the phone and I pretended not to know who he was. I said ‘Damilola? Which Damilola is this?🤣 (girls, please tell me I’m not alone). We spoke for two hours that day and 5 years later we got engaged!

How We Met
By the groom-to-be, Damilola

My attendance at parties during University was few and far between (was not my scene). But on the 16th of November 2013, I got convinced to attend a high school friend’s birthday party, where I expected to have nothing more than a mediocre night. I arrived at the party and all was as expected, I saw a few old friends, made my rounds saying hellos and catching up with several people. Then across the dance floor, I see a girl in a black dress. It was her style that caught my attention, her hair laid all back and the dark purple lipstick.

I couldn’t make out who it was, so I moved around the room to get a better angle in order to see her face. Once I did, I was immediately infatuated, and then I realized, I actually knew her, (we went to high school together)  and she was also really good friends with one of my closest friends.  All night, I plotted how I was going to strike up a conversation with her, but chickened out every time I tried to make a move. I left the party thinking I’d forget all about her, but 5 days later, she was still on my mind. So, I called my friend (who’s really good friends with her) to get the 411 on her. Lo and behold, she was single! (I remember thinking how on earth could I be that lucky, that a girl that stunning was single).

I asked my friend to ask her if it was okay for him to give me her number, to which she immediately replied: “NO” (those of you who know Banke would expect nothing less 😂). My guy obviously had my back, so he convinced her to allow him to give me her number. I called her the next day, we spoke for over 2 hours. This was 6 years ago and now after countless more 2+ hour conversations here we are.


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