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5 Things Men Want To Hear From Their Woman

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1. I love you: Yes, men like to act like they are not mushy, but silently, they love mushy stuff. Though saying “I love you” is beyond mushy. It’s something special said to a special man affirming his position. He may not say “I love you” as often, but if he loves you, he will love hearing you say it.

2. What’s your dream: God created men to need a helper in the form of a partner/spouse. A man feels safe when loved by a woman who can ask him where is he going and go there with him as his dreams become her dreams and her dreams become his dreams.

3. I trust you: When a man knows he has the trust of his woman he opens up more. When he knows he is covered by his woman he will go to any war for her.

4. Can we pray: A man who believes in God respects prayer. The ideal situation is the man leading the family, the relationship/marriage in prayer. But prayer is not the role of the man alone. A man feels good when he has a spiritual woman, one who is more than a pretty face with smart brains.

5. How was your day: When a man is asked how his day was he may be very sketchy about his details in the first days, but ask him that over time and soon he will give more. Men want a listening partner too, they want someone they can confide in, relax and unwind with.



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