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5 Things A Man Does Only If He Really Likes You


1. Remembers details you tell him: Due to the nature of males being less-organised and worse listeners than women, men most times forget stuff almost as soon as they are told, especially if those things are ‘trivial’.

So, in the situation where a man remembers every thing… I mean, every single thing you tell him, then, almost certainly, that man does really like you.

2. Never makes you doubt your importance: There is a tendency in every man to want to stray, and with the abundance of willing women, it is usually not a hard thing to accomplish.

When a man actively reins in this tendency, and goes extra mile to prove to you in words and deeds that he wants no one else but you, best believe him.

3. Always there for you: Night and day, rain or sunshine, he is willing to do all he can whenever you ask. That’s a sign that he really, really likes you.

4. Speaks of a future with you in it: When he speaks of his plans for the next six months, he mentions you in it. His plans for the next two years, your name pops up.
Even when he’s talking about his plans for the next five years, he somehow manages to fit you in it, what else does that tell you, apart from the fact that he genuinely likes you?

5. Brags about you: When a guy continually brags about you to his friends, your friends, and anyone who cares to listen that you are the best thing to ever happen to him and that he does not think there is anyone in this life that he could ever love as much as he loves you, then you just have to know that that is a guy who likes you very much.


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