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15 Seriously Real Signs that He Wants You to be his Girlfriend


If a woman has dated a man for a while and reached a point where she’s developed some feelings for him, she can’t help but wonder if there are signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend.

After all, it’s just one of two things when it comes to men. Either he’s keeping you for the long run or you’ll just be a name on his list of conquests.

The signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend

The need for certainty is understandable especially if you haven’t had the “talk.” So how does a girl confirm her suspicions and know for sure he’s playing for keeps? Luckily, men have a tendency to display a predictable set of behaviors once he decides that he wants you to be his girlfriend. If you observe any of these signs, rest assured he definitely does want you.

1 He’s left the online dating scene since meeting you. If a guy has decided that he wants to be exclusive and intends to pursue a serious relationship with you, his online dating presence will go. He’ll delete those dating apps from his phone and probably condemn his login information to forgetfulness. With you in the scene, what’s the use?

2 You’re always considered when he makes plans. You’re not just a footnote at the course of his day, and the time he spends with you will no longer be out of convenience. When a guy wants you to be his girlfriend, he will actively put you in his map and make plans with you in it.

3 He values and seeks your advice. In short, you have earned his respect. You’re not just a pretty face to parade around in display but have become an indispensable part of his life. One whom he can count on for good advice on important matters.

4 He’s the first one to apologize when you fight. He doesn’t want to lose you just because of some silly argument, even if you’re clearly the one who did him wrong. Either way, he won’t let a day pass without conceding and apologizing so you’re on good terms again.

5 You get the premium share of his time. He’s willing to go far as to diminish his “me” time, time for his friends or hobbies, and even family just to spend time with you. For him, time spent on anything else pales in comparison to the time you spend together.

6 He puts in a lot of effort just to see you. It doesn’t matter if he hadn’t had enough sleep, if you’re a two-hour drive away from him, or even if there’s a snowstorm coming his way. He’ll probably brave all those and more if the prize is some time spent with his favorite girl.

7 He cares about what you think of him. Most men usually won’t give a damn about what other people think of them. Your opinion of him matters to him enough so that he’s willing to change himself to become someone desirable to your eyes.

8 He’s not afraid to be seen with you in public. A guy who wants to keep a girl as a side chick will tend to avoid meeting in public spaces or do stuff like walk you home. But with a guy who wants to be serious, he will proudly hold your hand, wraps his hands around you, or even kiss you in public.

9 He’s not afraid to spend a lot of money on you. Money is not really a polite topic in the context of serious relationships. But, the amount a guy is willing to spend on a girl is also a dead giveaway on how he values the girl. This is mostly applicable when a guy is not particularly well-off but still doesn’t care if he spends more on his girlfriend-to-be than he would on a usual day.

10 He puts your well-being above his own. You may think that it cheesy, but this is one of those clear signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend and it’s true. And above all, it doesn’t get more obvious than this. Guys have this natural protective instinct towards people dear to them. If a guy does things big or small for the preservation of your well-being at the cost of his own, he probably wants you to be more than just a girlfriend.

11 He has introduced you to his friends. Men are the type of creatures who usually draw a line between romantic relationships and friends. Mixing the two can be tricky. If your man is comfortable enough to introduce you to his “in a group,” then he probably wants both parties to know that you’re important to him. They’ll be seeing you a lot more at their gatherings in the future.

12 He wants to introduce you to his parents, in case you haven’t met him yet. The “meet the parents” stage is something guys usually reserve for their actual girlfriends. It’s kind of a dead giveaway, isn’t it? If you’ve reached this point without even becoming official then there’s really nothing to worry about.

13 You’ll hear that he tells a lot of people about you. This only means two things. First, it shows he’s proud of you. Second, he pays attention to what’s going on in your life.

14 He shows you the awkward sides of his personality. Men typically put up a tough front in the presence of the opposite sex. They want to be seen as someone reliable and “cool” which increases their attractiveness in front of the ladies. You’ll only get to see their silly and unattractive side if you have gained their utmost trust.

15 You’re privy to his vulnerable side. As mentioned, guys typically act tough and cool in front of everyone, especially with girls. Showing weakness and voicing insecurities is perceived as against their code of manliness. So if he shares this privileged information with you, then you probably have reached that level of intimacy worthy of becoming his girlfriend.

Men can be playful and heartless at times. When it comes to a girl they want for the rest of their life, they can be very consistent and predictable. So watch for these tell-tale signs he wants you to be his girlfriend, and you’ll know.

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