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Husband came home drank and abused wife in front of children. Then she understood THIS 8 alarming signs

It is commonly believed, that latent alcoholism means consumption of alcohol away from public eye. There is no term “latent alcoholism” in narcology, but it is widely used by psychologists. Nevertheless, the situation, when a person tries to conceal their disease or habit, is serious and needs medical treatment. Here are the signs of latent alcoholism that your significant other might have.

1. They don’t think they have any problems As a rule, no alcoholic would admit having an addiction, and a latent alcoholic in particular. They might be successful at work and have a normal family. They would say, “What’s wrong, if I have a glass of beer after work?”  But the truth is, that latent alcoholism is still alcoholism.

2. They quickly lose control, when drinking No, they don’t drink day after day. But such people can Bring the children to school, go to work, make dinner, open a bottle of wine… and bottom it up. They don’t control their drinking at all.

3. They have memory issues It is a feature of both latent and open alcoholics. Even the smallest amounts of alcohol turns off the memory for a while.

4. They become edgy without alcohol Gradually, the person’s addiction to fire-water becomes stronger. When a patient hasn’t been drinking for too long, they become irritable and even agressive. Sometimes, it can show through physical conditions, like sweating and heartthrob.

5. They would ignore the meal for alcohol Latent alcoholics can use a meal only as an excuse for a glass or two. They can completely ignore the food and drink calories instead.

6. They lie in order to conceal their addiction They can make up a plausible story to lull the vigilance of their friends and family. For example, they may say that they were caught in a traffic, when actually they dropped in a bar.

7. They become less sociable They will find an excuse to skip a family dinner or a party, that don’t matter much to them. But why? They want to drink alone, so that no one would condemn them.

8. They will always find an excuse Latent alcoholics always have an excuse. They drink “a little”, they “had a bad day”, they “met a friend, I haven’t seen for ages”. It is closely connected to the point one: they will never admit having any problem.