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BabyCenter recently released its annual baby naming survey, which collected the names of more than 340,000 born in 2015.

Among the popular names like Sophia and Jacksonwere these unusual ones, each of which were bestowed upon at least three in 2015:


1. Swayze
I’m 97% sure the people who named their daughters this only did it so they could say, “Nobody puts my baby in the corner.”

2. Monet
Whoever named their daughters this clearly didn’t remember this exchange fromClueless.

3. Jedi
This boy’s name is sure to become even more popular in 2016 once Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens.

4. Pi
These baby boys could also go by 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028…

5. Frooti
Frooti is the name of the best-selling mango drink in India, and the parents who named their daughters this must really, really like it.

6. Arrow
For parents who think “Archer” is too mainstream.

7. Everest
The boys bearing this name will scale great heights… or get really sick of having a name with three syllables.
8. Gryffin
This boys’ name has roots in old Greek, but I’m thinking the parents who picked it were thinking about Gryffindor more than Mount Olympus.

9. Psalm
Unusual, yes, but an alternative to traditional Christian boy’s names likes Mathew, Mark, Luke, or John.

10. Sailor
You’re pretty much guaranteeing your kid will get seasick if you name them this.

11. Story
This name is actually great for a girl born into a family of writers. It’s also great for a lifetime of hearing people say, “What’s the story, Story?”

12. Blade
The parents who picked this name either wanted to name their boys after a vampire superhero or a knife. At least no one will be able to claim their kid isn’t sharp.
13. Heavens
Girls named this better hope they’re never sat next to a kid named Betsy.

14. Alabama
The parents who named their daughters this were likely big fans of Patricia Arquette’s character from True Romance. Either that or they live in Montgomery.

15. Armani
This boy’s name may not be in fashion, but it is in style.

16. Twinkle
Did these parents not realize how hellacious grade school is going to be for their daughters? “Hey, look who it is, everybody! Twinkle, twinkle little dork!”

17. Valkyrie
In Norse mythology, a valkyrie was a woman who chose who lived or died in battle. This makes it a pretty badass name for a girl, even if it is a mouthful.

18. Aristotle
All I can say is that if you name your kid this you’d better hope they’re smart.

19. Inigo
“My name is Inigo, and you named me after a character in a movie. Prepare to die.”