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To The Guy Who Never Gave Me A Real Chance

I’ll probably never know why you didn’t take the time to know the real me before you left me high and dry with no answers. Things were going so well, which is why it shocked me when you decided to end things when you did. Maybe you’ve moved on to something you think is better, but you never knew the real me to truly make that choice. The chance you had with me was something you shouldn’t have taken lightly, because you seriously missed out.


1. YOU WENT FROM HOT TO COLD IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE.You really had me fooled when you were so hot right from the start and lead me to believe you were really interested in taking things further. I allowed myself to get excited for things to unfold and each day was even more exciting than the last — until you decided to do a 180 and caught me totally off guard.

2. THE BEST PARTS OF ME ARE HELD BACK FOR A REASON.I was excited to let you see parts of myself that I haven’t shown anyone in so long, only we never got there. I’m sad to say I’ve been here before and it really sucks that I keep holding the best parts of myself back but I do it for a reason. I learned a long time ago not to give the best pieces away early on and since you’ve proved you weren’t willing to make that effort to truly know me, you only proved you’re a moron who walked away from something amazing.

3. I SAW YOUR FLAWS AND I STILL WANTED TO KNOW MORE.Maybe you left me because of some minor flaw you just couldn’t look past. I saw your flaws too, but I knew that there would be more to you than what I didn’t care for right away. The difference is, I gave you a real fucking chance to show me more. You didn’t do the same for me and it makes me wonder what actually happened that flipped your switch so quickly. I can only go by the instinct that you’re just a coward who was afraid of the real deal.

4. IN HINDSIGHT, YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T DESERVE TO KNOW ME.It’s probably for the best that you didn’t give me a real chance — you didn’t deserve it. By taking yourself out of the equation, you’ve given me the freedom to be discovered by someone who will appreciate what you didn’t. The fact you’ve walked away so easily shows how incapable you are of recognizing something amazing when it’s right in front of you.

5. YOU ALWAYS KEPT ME AT ARM’S LENGTH.You never took the time to properly get to know me like you should have. You slowly started going quiet and our time together became few and far between. Instead of just telling me what was up, you kept me in the mix. I hate you for stringing me along when you were about to make an exit. I gave you more hope than you deserved.

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