8 Things Guys Do Before A First Date That Make You Not Even Want To Bother


1. TAKE FOREVER TO MAKE A PLAN. You’ve been chatting for a while and it’s pretty clear that it’s time to meet IRL or ignore each other for good. So why do some guys take literally eons to make a real plan? It’s not that hard. Just pick a day, a time and a location.

2. ACT LIKE YOU HAVE A TENTATIVE DATE. There’s this weird thing now where it’s not enough to make a plan, you have to make sure it’s confirmed. Um, what? When did this happen and why is it ruining your dating life? You either have a date or you don’t, so why can’t guys stop wasting your time and forget this “maybe” nonsense?

3. GHOST THE MORNING OF THE DATE. So you haven’t heard from the guy since you made your drinks date. You text to confirm… and get nothing back. What do you do now? Show up and hope he does too, or accept that you’re going to be stood up and move on? If this happens, he’s done you a favor, but it’s enough to make you want to stop dating.

4. ASK SUPER WEIRD QUESTIONS. Why do guys ask your height or which neighborhood you live in? Don’t they get how creepy that is? No, you’re not going to share those details… an now you don’t want to meet him anymore.

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