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8 Subtle Signs He’s Serious About You

Even if you haven’t had The Talk yet, there are plenty of ways to tell how your boyfriend really feels about you — you just have to know where to look. It’s not always about big declarations of love or eating Italian food by candlelight. If your new guy does any of these things, he’s in it for the long run:


1. YOU SHARE A NETFLIX ACCOUNT. You not only Netflix and chill together but you use the same username and password. That’s true love right there. In fact, it’s basically a marriage proposal in today’s world.

2. YOU HAVE MORE INSIDE JOKES THAN YOU CAN COUNT. Guys won’t take the time to create inside jokes with someone they only see as a passing fling. If you two share tons of laughs that are just between you and your text convos make zero sense because of it, that’s a good sign. You’re creating a bond and that’s important.

3. HE PLANS AS MANY DATES AS YOU DO. Lazy guys who have no interest in a real girlfriend don’t want to plan dates. They let you do all the work and just basically show up when they have to. If your guy takes planning dates seriously and finds fun stuff for you to do, and knows that it’s crucial that you spend time together all the time, he’s thinking about you in a super serious way.

4. HE SPENDS TIME AT YOUR PLACE.When guys are just in it for one thing, they mostly invite you over and then have you leave ASAP. If your new guy is cool with spending time (including nights) at your apartment, that’s a pretty clear signal that he’s really into you. It’s even more significant if you have a super girly apartment.

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