5 Small Habits That Are Keeping You From Being Happy

Negative habits and thought patterns can dominate even the toughest of minds.  Have you ever found yourself mulling over negative scenario after negative scenario in your head, wasting precious energy on things that you know ultimately don’t matter?


Sometimes life can throw us for a loop, and it’s how we handle each situation that defines our character.  And a great place to start is by eliminating all of the small negative habits that we often don’t even realize we’re doing.

Here are five negative thought patterns or habits that you should try to leave in the past as you strive to start anew:

Letting the small things turn into big things

It is often said that inner peace is truly found once your emotions are invulnerable to outside influences, like another person, an encounter or an event.  Which essentially means that our overall happiness (or sadness) is a result of our attitude, rather than the situation we find ourselves in.

Always expecting things to go as planned

One of my favorite poems, To a Mouse, is claimed to have been spoken aloud by Robert Burns in 1785, as he ploughed over a mouse’s nest, destroying it.

“But little mouse, you are not alone, in proving foresight may be vain: The best laid schemes of mice and men go often askew.”

You will have days when everything goes your way, but there will also be days when your expectations aren’t met, and the day brings only headache or pain.  These are the days when you should strive to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from being happy.

Expecting perfection out of yourself all the time

Sometimes our inherent need for perfection can get the best of us, leading us down paths that are ultimately keeping us from the perfection that we seek.

Understand that perfection is largely unachievable, and endlessly seeking it keeps you from progress.  Know when you’re being productive versus when you’re chasing perfection.

Expecting others to be as awesome as a person as you are

I learned fairly early on in life that most people aren’t going to show you the same level of kindness, caring or courteousness that you are willing to show them.

While having a good attitude and being a kind and caring person will help bring out the same in others, never fully assume that they are going to reciprocate your actions or sentiments.

Try not to live in the past

One of the hardest things to deal with in life is having complete hindsight on your entire life and its course of events, being able to look back on the things you wish you could change or do differently.

This habit does nothing but harm us.  There is no changing what has already happened, there is only the potential for growth from it.  So be willing to look forward and grow.