3 Things You Need to Stop Doing to Live a Simpler and Lighter Life

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”



Today’s article is about a few mistakes I have made. About a few destructive habits that can make life quite messy and unhappy.

And it is about what you can do instead to replace those mistakes and habits with something better.

This article is all about uncovering simplicity if you find yourself having overcomplicated your life.

1. Stop overthinking things.

Few habits and mistakes are as common as getting stuck in overthinking. I used to do it all the time.

And it led to a lot of analysis paralysis, to little action being taken on what I deep down wanted and to so much time and energy wasted.

What to do instead:

Set short deadlines.

When you have all the time in the world to consider something then it that can often wind up in you spending a lot of time thinking about the situation at hand from every conceivable angle. I have found that learning to set short deadlines is really helpful for this, although it take a bit to practice.

So for small decisions like if should go and do the dishes or go and or work out I usually give myself 30 seconds or less to make a decision.

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