5 unfair requests to ask from your partner

Relationships are filled with compromises, but sometimes we could cross that fine line between compromise and selfishness. Asking your partner to do something for you out of sheer selfishness isn’t fair to them.

We all love to feel like we have a certain amount of control over our partners, but exerting that control negatively could breed resentment overtime.

According to All Women Stalk, here are some things that would be unfair to ask of your partner:

1. Stop being close friends: Unless you have a concrete reason, there’s absolutely no need to ask your partner to stop being friends with a female or male pal. Sometimes your jealousy could get in the way of you thinking clearly. But in situations where you are constantly being attacked by  your partner’s friend, then it’s okay to go ahead with your request.

2. Change looks: This includes asking them to lose weight. You liked your partner that way which was why you agreed to enter into a relationship in the first place, so why trying to change them to suit yourself? Unless they seek your opinion, let your partner be if they are comfortable with their looks.

3. Reduce time spent with family: If your partner comes from a big family, pulling them away will be like pulling out teeth. Telling your partner to spend less time with their parents and siblings is quite unfair and could gather up ill feelings.

4. Resign from their jobs: You shouldn’t ask your partner to resign from their job knowing that they really happy where they are. It’s really hard to find people who have passion for what they do, which is why asking them to quit would be really unfair on your part.

5. Tag you along every time: No matter how close you two have become, a little ‘me’ time is required for the survival of your relationship. Smothering your partner with your presence is not acceptable.