3 Messages Being Sent To You By Your Higher Self

Everyone has those moments in their life when they’re soul-searching, trying to figure out who they are as a person and what they ultimately want out of life.  It’s during these times, whether they’re dark and angsty or light and flirty, that we really figure out what it means to be “me.”


While there’s the ‘mind’ aspect of who we are, and there’s the ‘body’ aspect of who we are, a lot of people don’t know that there’s a third aspect of our being, and that’s our soul.

Our souls are not separate from us, they are our higher selves.  It is the part of our being that is morally perfect and wise.  It is the presence that we often mistake for God or some higher being.

It’s constantly seeking to point us in the direction of growth, love and truth.  Here are three signs that it’s been giving you from the start:


Sometimes things happen in life that feel like fate or destiny because the event is just too coincidental to be chance.  Seeing the same numbers over and over again is often indicative that a person is beginning to become aware of their deeper self.

Other examples include people calling you shortly after you’ve been thinking of them, or having an exciting career opportunity appear just as you’re wanting to quit your old job.  Try to be observant and aware of the little things.

Strong Intuitions

Having strong intuitive feelings are a sign that you’re becoming more aware of your higher self.  Your soul will often yell at you, begging you to look inward so that you can focus on what these intuitive feelings are trying to tell you about a certain person or situation.

If you find yourself avoiding certain people or certain parts of life because your gut feeling is telling you to do so, good, because it’s your higher self trying to save you from catastrophe.

Finding your passion in life

Discovering what you’re most passionate about in life can be one of the hardest things a person ever does, but have no fear because your higher self is here to help you figure it all out.  It does this in three ways:

A feeling of emptiness inside: Instead of turning to entertainment and comforts, you will feel a void within you, begging you to figure out what little thing you can start doing now to work toward your passion.

An impending feeling of boredom: Having all the riches in the world does not put that spark into your life.  Passion is what’s calling you out into the wild.

Feelings of guilt: Feeling guilty for not doing the things you love or for living your life for others.  A deep stinging guilt overcomes those who are not living in such a way that fulfills the soul, body and mind.  The higher self creates guilt for the things that you don’t do, not the things that you’ve done.

These are three ways that our higher selves help guide us through the happenings of everyday life.  Be aware and stay privy to the little things that it’s trying to tell us.  Listen to the higher self, trust in your intuition, and then go for it.