16 Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Someone You Love

We’re looking at 16 adorable and meaningful ways to tell your partner they’re awesome and to show your love and appreciation for them on the daily.

Let’s face it – your partner’s awesome and they need to be told this more often! Sometimes when you’re with someone romantically for an extended period of time, those little ooey-gooey gestures of appreciation are often the first things to go. Is it because you stopped loving or appreciating the wonderful things your partner does for you? Of course not! So why is it that these very important announcements of appreciation tend to fall to the way-side?

Whether you’re not the affectionate type, or you’re just being plain lazy, showing your partner a daily dose of love and appreciation can do wonders for your relationship! Whether you’ve been together for 10 months or 10 years, if you’re in a long distance relationship or you’re already married, there are plenty of ways to show your partner how much your appreciate their love and support, all-around.

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