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The Only 3 Times It’s Perfectly OK To Lie To Your Girl


Guys have a host of ways to rev a woman’s engine. They make us “ooh” and “aah” with their biceps, blue eyes and jokes that make us laugh hard enough to give us Wonder Woman abs of steel.

But nothing in this world can turn a woman on more than a boyfriend who knows how to put his family first.

This type of boyfriend is often underrated and overlooked. He’s the one who will send butterflies to your stomach and crotch for life. A boyfriend that makes his family a priority is loyal, caring, and respectful, among other hubby-material qualities.

He understands that it’s good to work long hours, but he also makes time to slay in a Mario Kart tournament with his loved ones. He brings home the bacon, but also eats some at IHOP with the fam-bam on Saturday morning. He values his family over anything money can buy.

Having a boyfriend who is close to his family is important. How he treats his family is an indicator of how he will treat you once you two are married. Because once that happens, you will be part of his family, too.

If your boyfriend knows how to fight and reconcile with his family, he’ll know how to kiss and make up with you.

A family-oriented man has most likely had beef with his family — and I’m not just talking dinner.

I’m sure there have been plenty of drama and fights with parents, siblings and cousins. Maybe he got a Dragon Ball Z tattoo that his parents didn’t like, or maybe he accidentally caused a fire in the kitchen while trying to drunkenly make popcorn.

However, all of the fighting he’s had with people he loves has trained him to be your best possible boyfriend.

Through these arguments with the family, he has learned to make up and drop issues that detract from love. He’s learned that the ones you love are the only people that matter in life — and that if you don’t have them, you don’t have anything.

So when you guys bicker, he will fight to preserve your relationship instead of abandon it.

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