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I Helped a Wounded Lady, Now She Wants Me to Leave my Girlfriend for Her

I am guy aged 28 and I’m a medical doctor. I was fortunate to have helped a lady who was robbed and injured badly. Out of the kindness of my heart, I took care of her, treated her injuries, bought her drugs and even gave her some money to live on while she gets better. Now my kindness has turned into a nightmare.

She has been constantly disturbing and begging me that she wants a relationship with me. I have told her several times that I am not interested and that I’m in a very serious relationship. She has been visiting my office of late and people are beginning to think that we are in some sort of secret love affair.

My colleagues have told me to dumb my girlfriend because they feel that she is more beautiful and better than her.

She knows my girlfriend and still goes around telling people lies that we are dating secretly. My girlfriend has confronted me about her and despite my argument, she refuses to believe me.

I am fed up to my neck and I don’t know what to do?