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Why pregnant women should eat eggs often


All the nutrients required by a pregnant woman can entirely be found in eggs.

Eggs have been reported to contain endless benefits.

This special food plays varied important roles during pregnancy, notes REBECCA MALACHI, pregnancy nutrition and lifestyle expert.

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Here are some of the many benefits of eggs to a pregnant woman;

1. Boosts infant’s brain and memory

Eggs have high amounts of choline which may help in boosting the memory of an infant and increase the ability to interpret information. One egg yolk contains about 115mg of choline that can promote the development of your foetus’ brain.

2. High protein content

Eggs are known as protein giving foods. Proteins are reported to be the building blocks of cell and they are, therefore, required for the development of the fetus. Eating eggs while pregnant will provide the baby with enough protein required for development purposes.

3. Helps to regulate cholesterol

Eggs contain good cholesterol that is required by the mom and her unborn child. Eggs help balance cholesterol deposits in the body. Pregnant ladies should avoid eating eggs yolks as they can pose more dangers to the fetus. They should always stick to egg whites and avoid egg yolks.

4. Rich in Vitamins A, D, E, K

For a healthy life throughout your pregnancy period, you will need some of these nutrients found in eggs. They are fat-soluble vitamins that play an integral role in sprucing up the development of lungs, heart, eyes, kidney and other organs of the fetus.



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