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What to do to relatives who hate, disrespect your mum – Tonto Dikeh


Controversial Nollywood actress, and mother of one, Tonto Dikeh, has a word of advice for her fans on Instagram.

The mother of one has stated that one should always avoid relatives or anyone in particular that hates or dislikes their mother.

Although, we are yet to get a clue on what might have transpired during her long absence from home, but it is glaring the actress seems hurt.

She wrote:

”Avoid relatives that hate your mom, and disrespect her. The truth is that if they can’t respect your own mother who you hold in high regard, their regard for you is superficial and fake. Anyone who vehemently dislikes you shouldn’t be anywhere close to your children. This life is deep and the heart of men is malignant.
How do you know they mean your child well when they dislike you?How do you know they mean you well when their loathe the womb that bore you?
Be vigilant; when they can’t get you, someone close to you becomes the next target. So, shield your children from people that mean you no good..KINGTONTO “



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