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What I Did When I Was Told I Didn’t Look ‘10 Over 10’ For My Husband — Rapper Naeto-C’s Wife, Nicole


Nicole Chikwe, the wife of Nigerian rapper, Nicole Chikwe who barely spoke about her life with the rapper before they got married have opened up on their marriage in a latest post on her Instagram,

Nicole revealed that their relationship itself was and is still amazing as it was painful and traumatizing experience being dragged online every other day and she revealed what she did when she was told she was not good enough for Naeto C.

She indicated that she started dating Naeto C when she was 22 years old and being in a relation with a star of that magnitude at the time, especially when she was that young was challenging.

According to her, she was ugly, tough and people would criticize her hair, her face shape, nose, teeth and her body but overtime, she developed a thick skin so that was pretty good.

Part of her narration reads;

Well, one afternoon in December 2010, I saw that guy I wnt to secondary scholl with tried to start yet another online conversation about me, and he had tweeted something along the lines of him knowing me from school and I’m a nice person, but quite frankly I am NOT Top 100 Finest Babes in Lagos, and naeto can do better than me.

Swipe to read her narration below;


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