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What Does Love Feel Like? 20 Feelings You Experience Through Love


What does love feel like? Is it butterflies or misery? Check out these 20 signs to know what it’s like to fall in love and how it feels!

Falling in love is a weird and wonderful thing. For those who haven’t experienced it before, it can be a very curious thing. When you first start out in a relationship there is plenty of excitement, and as you get to know one another better feelings start to develop. But what does love feel like in reality?

Some people say about love that ‘when you know, you know.’ They believe love is a feeling that can’t necessarily be easily explained. They think, if people must ask, ‘am I in love?’ then they probably aren’t.

What does love feel like?

The truth is, love is a confusing and strange experience. It’s not always as easy as just knowing, and some people, particularly those new to love, want to share their experiences and find out common factors which help them know for sure.

People take different amounts of time to fall in love. No two relationships are the same. However, people often say they have certain thoughts and feelings when they fall in love with someone. If you want to look out for signs then check these out!

So what does love feel like? Well, love is:

1 Like you can’t stop smiling. When you first feel as though you are falling in love, if the feeling is mutual, one thing is for certain—you aren’t going to be able to wipe that Cheshire cat grin off your face!

Love releases all sorts of endorphins that make you feel giddy and elated. So, a big smile on your face, especially when you’re with the person or even just thinking of them, is all par for the course.

2 Like you are invincible. Being in love makes you feel stronger. It makes you feel as though with that person you can take on anything. It’s that ‘us against the world’ feeling. As long as you are together, you can face all that comes your way.

3 Like you are vulnerable. Of course, not all the feelings that come with being in love are positive ones. Sometimes love makes you feel very vulnerable. You put your trust in another person. You rely on them to look after you, to support you, to be with you. It can feel very nerve-wracking when you realize your potential to get hurt is so great.

4 Like you can rely on someone. Love is all about trust and companionship too. If you feel as though you truly rely on the other person to be there for you through thick and thin, this is a good sign of love.

5 Like you have a secret. Love feels as though you and the person you love have a special secret that no one else knows. When in the thick of love, you can’t quite believe anyone else knows the feeling of being in love quite as well as you two do.

6 Like you can completely trust someone. Trust is a huge part of love and loving someone properly involves trusting them completely. If the trust is broken, it can be tough to feel the same way.

7 Like you are connected. Love forms a bond and a connection with someone. What does love feel like? Truly, if you are in love, you feel as though there is a special bond between the two of you that is incomparable to any other bond.

8 Like you can’t stop touching someone. Love is, of course, also physical. Not only does the sex feel intimate and special, but in your day to day life you want to be close to someone – holding hands, hugging, and physical contact feels amazing.

9 Like you want to see that person all the time. When you feel in love, particularly in the first instance, you feel like you could see that person every minute of every day. As love grows and changes this feeling may fade and become something more stable. But the first moments of love mean you simply can’t get enough of one another!

10 Like you’ll never get bored. When you first fall in love you have the best conversations, you laugh, share stories and secrets, and find loads in common. You are fascinated by one another and feel as though you’ll never get bored.

11 Like an adventure. Love is a journey, and it’s exciting. Love feels as though you are starting on an amazing adventure, and you don’t know where it might lead.

12 Like butterflies. Love often makes you feel nervous. Butterflies in your stomach when you see or even think of the person you love are an early sign.

13 Like it doesn’t matter if you fall out. When you’ve been in love for a while, you realize how solid you are. It doesn’t matter if you fight or get annoyed with one another. You know your love will see you through, and everything will be okay in the end.

14 Like you can start over. Love is like a fresh start, where all is forgiven and all mistakes can be forgotten. Love gives you second chances.

15 Like every other relationship wasn’t quite the real deal. When you fall in love with a new person it feels different to other relationships. It doesn’t mean you weren’t in love before, but the way you love and want to be loved has changed.

16 Like you are home. Love feels as though wherever you are, you found your home—because home is where the heart is after all!

17 Like feeling safe. Love makes you feel protected. It makes you feel as though you are warm and safe and content with your lot!

18 Like you’d do anything for that person. Love is also about sacrifices. When we love, we often do things we don’t especially want to do, or make sacrifices for another person to keep them happy. Give and take is important. It’s what love is all about!

19 Like you can see their flaws, but you don’t care. Love isn’t about perfection. Be that finding someone perfect or trying to be perfect yourself. When you have found true love, you don’t mind that another person has flaws. You love them all the same!

20 Like you truly know someone else and they know you. Love is an intimate and unique relationship with another. You can’t truly know someone unless you know them well—sharing and bonding brings you closer together.

So what does love feel like? These 20 signs are just some of the things you might feel when you are in love. It’s terrifying and amazing, safe and scary, exciting yet routine. It can be hugely contradictory, and make you feel a whole range of emotions. Some of which make you feel as though you are on top of the world, some of which will unsettle and frighten you too!

Falling in love can strike at any time, and can be both the best and worst experiences of our lives. Quite often it is both. So, all you can really ever do is sit back, enjoy the ride, and learn from it when you come out the other side!



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