We are going to do it different this time. A long and satisfactory life is what every man hopes for but how can we get that with the way the world is today, with all manner of sickness, diseases and various things killing humans? Long life is becoming a rarity; 70 years is the new 120 and 50 years is the new 80, most especially in man. Even men with great wealth don’t get to live up to 80 years most times; meaning money isn’t a necessity for long life.

Well, I’m not going with the normal eat healthy, exercise and all the health tips doctors give; like I said earlier, we are going to do this different. There are some simple things that can just help you live a longer life and money can’t buy those things. First and a highly important tip everyone should work for is having a peaceful life, in other words peace of mind. Sometimes all the mind needs to have is just peace and that peace can make every part of your body work perfectly to defy the recent trend of early deaths. Be at peace with your friends, be at peace with your family and more importantly be at peace with yourself. Jealousy, greed, malice and all manner of things would weaken the peace your mind needs. The same way your body needs food is the same way your mind needs peace; so just imagine the consequence of starving the mind off that much-needed peace; the result would be drastic.

The second thing is love. I’m sorry to say but love is now under-rated in this generation. Love would heal you down to your soul. Don’t be scared to feel loved; don’t be scared to show love either. Love and being loved can give your heart that spark to carry on. Showing love doesn’t mean you should show it only to your spouse and your family members, no; there should be no restrictions in showing love. The satisfaction you would receive when you show someone love cannot be explained, it’s not ordinary. When you help that beggar or that poor neighbour or that orphan or whosoever, the feeling that can be derived from that act of love cannot be quantified. Show love and you wouldn’t believe the outcome.

Another very important tip you need to know is that happiness takes off so many forms of depression from your heart. Depression, worries, anger, sadness and all manner of things that won’t help you live happily should be avoided. You may say that there is no reason to be happy, so why should you be happy? But you need to see the bigger picture; being unhappy won’t help you in any way but being happy would help you in more ways than one; so which is the better option, happiness or worries? People think a lot and there are so many things that can cause you to worry, finance and all manner of things but you should know that depression is like a  death sentence, so those worries won’t be of any help. Just be happy even if there is no reason to be and the outcome would be unbelievable.

These tips listed are life savers; the same way food is needed for the body is same way these tips are needed for the mind. These are things we need to know (myself included); and long life might no longer be a fantasy but something within reach.


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