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Some Reasons Why You Are Too Shy To Approach A Girl


Some Reasons Why You Are Too Shy To Approach A Girl

A lot of men fall into this trap. I call it a trap because you definitely find it hard to express your feelings to a woman whom you are probably crushing on. I once fell into this trap but thank God I was able to discover quickly the 8 key reasons why I was too shy to approach any woman.

I have seen many guys who can’t just stand before a woman to talk to her. Why? It’s obvious they are shy. A guy is so interested in a lady and feels like he has gotten her already, but this so-called thief I call shyness will not allow them to go get what they want and then you will see some guys die in silence.  Are you in this trap of shyness, and then continue reading as I will expose to you the 8 key reasons why you are too shy to approach any woman.

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Isn’t that amazing that some men do not know what to say whenever they are in front of any woman? Though within them, they have all the words to use to woo a woman, when they eventually get close to the woman, it becomes a long story. To overcome this, you need to confidently master every word you wish to say to a woman. Have something to say first before approaching any woman.

Sometimes, due to the experience some men had had in the past with women, this makes them fall into the trap of shyness because they do not want such bad experience to reoccur again. But this should not stop you from talking to the woman after your heart. You need to wave every bad experience from your memory and decide to approach her now.

If you are fearful that you would be rejected in a job interview, definitely you will be rejected. So also, if you have this fear that this lady will reject you, then she eventually will. As a man, you need to build self-confidence that even if you are rejected or have been rejected in that past, that should not stop you from approaching a woman you fall in love with.

Lack of confidence can make you not to do that which you have in mind to do. In the real sense, women are fond of men who are confident of themselves. If you are not confident in yourself, how can you be confident in the woman you want to approach? Lack of confidence can be a reason why some men are too shy to approach a woman.

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