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Some old tips every relationship needs


Some old tips every relationship needs

Like I always say, ‘Relationship is by two persons, of two persons and for two persons’. That is to say, for a relationship to stand strong and going, the two persons involved must be committed to it. For a relationship to win despite all odds you and your spouse need to join hands together and that is why I have come up with these 7 old working tips that can keep your relationship going forever if only you can master these 7 old tips.

For the growth of your relationship, you both must spend quality time together. This is a time where kids, gadgets, work or any other thing would distract your attention. Social media is not enough to keep conversation going; phone calls are not enough to keep the relationship going. You need to drop whatever you are doing sometimes and be with your partner as this can strengthen the bond.

It will not be a new thing if your partner buys you gifts and all that, but one habit you should master is appreciation. Always praise your partner anywhere you go at any point in time. Make your friends and families know that he/she is the best and this can really go a long way in keeping your relationship going. Try it out!

Do not say, ‘I am the man and therefore can’t do the ladies work’, ‘I am a woman and therefore I can’t do that work, that’s for a man’. In a relationship, all work, no matter how it looks, is for both partners. You both need to consistently help each other every day of your lives. Do not keep work for the other person; help each other. In that way, you are helping each other to grow and that is the sole aim of any progressing relationship.

We have inner and outer beauty. The outer beauty comes with physical appearance and possession which will fade away as time passes but the inner beauty comes with true love. Do not begin to measure your partner’s outer beauty. When you focus on inner beauty, you are bound to keep the relationship going.

There is nothing wrong in kneeling down before your partner and saying, ‘I am deeply sorry’. That doesn’t take anything from you. Do not allow pride to creep into your relationship through you and then scatter the relationship. When you have hurt your partner, apologize to them and promise not to repeat such mistakes.

One of the 7 old tips to keep your relationship going is by avoiding third parties. Third parties can cause problems in your relationship; they can bring in confusion, sow lies and mistrust in your relationship. Once you have issues in your relationship, learn to settle it between yourselves and never allow intruders to come in.

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