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Simi Reveals What She Does To Hide From Her Daughter Just To Enjoy Herself


One of the toughest jobs women engage themselves in is parenting. The moment a woman delivers her child, another responsibility falls on them and some hardly get time for themselves.

Some celebrities who are parents have shared several experiences they have acquired since they welcomed their children. Although motherhood is one of the toughest jobs, some women try hard to get time for themselves.

Nigerian artist Simisola simply known as Simi has shared the unique way she uses to get away from her daughter Adejare just to have time to cool off and also enjoy herself.

In a series of posts shared on her Instagram story, Simi shared photos of herself hiding behind the couch in her living room just to hide from her daughter. She disclosed that she wanted to cool off and also enjoy herself for a few minutes with a cold glass of wine alone behind the couch.

It seems Simi enjoyed the few minutes she had to run away from motherhood to enjoy a glass of wine behind the couch. She made another post wondering if she should remain behind the couch and also spend the night there without her daughter knowing her whereabouts.

She however came out after a long thought and made another post disclosing how she enjoyed her 30 minutes behind the couch all alone drinking a glass of wine.

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