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Signs She Is Testing You: 11 Biggest Tests A Girl Puts You Through


Just because you had a first date doesn’t mean you get another. If you don’t pick up on the signs she is testing you, the odds are you won’t see her again.
It’s not easy to really know the signs she is testing you. Some men do, but most just fall right into the trap. Now, it’s not the tests that you get in school with a pencil and paper, that would be too easy. No, no, this is the test that tells her whether or not you’re boyfriend material. Whether or not she should invest any of her time and energy in you.

The types of tests she uses on you are meant to help her figure out what kind of person you are and what type of partner you’d be.

The must-know signs she is testing you

I know this may sound archaic, but let’s face it, you test women you’re interested in as well. This is all about finding the best mate. Weird when you think about it like that, right? But when we strip everything down, that’s what it is.

She wants to find the best partner, so she puts you through some tests to make sure you’re what she wants. If not, she’s onto the next. But, what are the tests? Good question. What’s even better is that I have the answers. It’s time to know the truth.

#1 It’s not you. First of all, understand that these tests aren’t specific to you as a person. Think of it when you need to get your car checked. The mechanic checks every car, no matter the brand or year. The same thing goes for women. Though you may tell them one thing, they will do a routine test to make sure you are what you say you are.

#2 Each woman has a different test. Here’s the thing, though there are generic tests which most women use on men, the fact of the matter is every woman looks for something different in a man. Therefore, while one woman may focus on one thing, another focuses on something different. For some women, manners are very important, while for others, they review your father potential.

#3 You’re always being tested. I’m sorry to tell you this but before we carry on, you should know that no matter what, you’re constantly being tested. If she sees you as a potential partner, she keeps a very close eye on everything you do, seeing what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and if you can be a true partner for her.

#4 She’s going to push you. This in itself is a huge test. She pushes her boundaries with you to see how far she can go, plus, also see your reaction as well. She wants to know how you argue, what you do when you’re pressured, and how far she can get her way until you put your foot down.

#5 You meet her friends. This is one of the biggest tests. If she introduces you to her friends, it’s the final acceptance into her life. Her friends are the ones that are going to do the testing for her while she sits back and watches.

They’ll ask you questions, tease you, and poke you to see how you react. If they like you, you’re in. If not, you’re faced with more tests to overcome that.

#6 She watches where your eye wanders. If you check out the waitress in front of her, well, you failed the test big time. You didn’t think she noticed? Trust me, when you first start dating, she notices all the small things, especially this.

She’s watching your body language in front of other women and who you look at. This way, she sees if you’re faithful or not. But if you really liked her anyway, your eyes would be on her, right?

#7 She asks you about the past. One of the clear signs she’s testing you is when she prods into your past romances. This isn’t because she’s super interested to know about your past relationships. In essence, she doesn’t really care, but what she does want to know is how they all ended. Why did your ex dump you? Why did you dump her? The way you talk about your past relationships shows a lot about you as a person and how you think about the people you once loved.

#8 Your manners. Maybe paying for the first date or helping her put on her coat seems a little old-fashioned, but these small things show a huge part of your personality. This doesn’t mean you think she incapable of putting on her jacket by herself, but you show her respect. Plus, if she struggles to get her arm in the hole, well, it’s always nice to have someone that helps you out.

#9 She asks you about your future goals. Talking about goals and dreams may seem cheesy, but they’re questions asked for a specific reason. She’s testing you about the future. She wants to know what kind of future you see for yourself, and where you think you’ll be in five or ten years.

Does this really matter now? No. But if this ends up as a serious relationship, she wants to know what she’s getting herself into.

#10 Must love dogs. Great movie, by the way. But seriously, if she has a cat or a dog, she uses them to test you. If her dog or cat doesn’t like you, she listens to them because animals never lie. They don’t have a hidden agenda, but you do. So, another huge test is whether or not her pet accepts you. If they bark or growl at you, it’s not a good sign.

#11 If she’s testing you, she likes you. If she’s not interested, she’s not wasting her time. Why would she? She doesn’t see you in her future. But if she starts testing you, she’s seeing if you fit into her life. It’s a good sign if you notice these tests being used on you, all you need to do is pass them.

Now that you know the signs she is testing you, you’re definitely one step ahead of the other guys. They are completely lost with how the dating scene actually works.


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